FortressCraft on PC!

We've been working hard on FortressCraft for PC, FortressCraft Evolved, which is now available on Steam Early Access. The main FortressCraft site is kept more up to date so if you want info on the game that's the best place to look!

We Suck at Updating Our Site...

So here, have some links to ProjectorGames games for Windows on IndieCity:

Tactics Forever - build physics-based spaceships, which then automatically fight other people's ships!
Steam Heroes - help brave adventurers defeat the evil Baron von Smog in this puzzle strategy game!
Matt Relive in: Temporal Warfare - classic Shmup action meets FlashBack feature in this retro-styled shooter with a unique twist; you're able to jump backwards in time, and fight alongside your past self.
FortressCraft 2D: Zombie Survival - a hardcore 2d Zombie Survival game with procedural weapons, endless landscapes and a million monsters to kill.

The Big Game

Probably our first LAN of 2012, The Big Game is back in Southampton!


For any fans of retro games, we'll be at R3play, the retro gaming event in Blackpool at the start of November. :)

FortressCraft Patch

In case you didn't see, we just released a massive patch for FortressCraft including a variety of new features including the workshop, where you can build your own blocks, and server ratings and rewards. For a full list of new features, click here.

BitStream on Windows Phones!

You can now download and play BitStream on your Windows phone for under $1! Click here on your phone to download it from the marketplace!

Abunai 2011 - Looking for Group

As usual, we'll be going over to the Netherlands to stare at cute girls not wearing very much. Or, uh, is that just me? >.>

Either way, if you're nearby or fancy a holiday to an awesome country (seriously, NL ftw!), it's at NH Koningshof, Veldhoven the last weekend of August!

FortressCraft Week One Sales

The Xbox Live Marketplace didn't think much of FortressCraft before it was released. A lot of naysayers were set on decrying it, with such names as "Minecraft clone", but during the development and release of this game, many misconceptions were overturned.


As some of you may have noticed from our Youtube channel, we are currently working on a game called FortressCraft. The site for the game is, and we'll be putting news and videos up on there rather than here.

This is the latest video in case you've managed to somehow miss it!

StratLAN May

Looks like we're also doing a couple of slans this year, the first of which is May StratLAN. As the name suggests, these are in Stratford (upon Avon, rather than East London ;) ), which is fairly central. :)

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