Blog from the developer of FortressCraft

Blog from the developer of FortressCraft

Help wanted!

I’m beginning to realise, more and more, that marketing your game is as important, if not more important (sadly), than actually HAVING a game (let alone a good game)

The recent surge in the popularity of Kickstarters and Steam Greenlight has shown that the important thing is being able to demonstrate and show off your game before it exists; this remains equally important once the game is out. Now, I’m not *bad* at marketing stuff, but I quite simply don’t have time… I barely have time to code sometimes and, you know, Borderlands 2 is out soon.

So, to this end; I’m hiring.

I’m looking for a short-term contractor in order to assist with and produce professional-quality marketing videos.

You’ll be expected to make videos between 10 seconds and 5 minutes, to a high standard, within fairly short time frames. Previous experience isn’t technically necessary, but I will need proof of your existing work – owning your own high quality PVR is a definite bonus.

Rates will be mutually decided upon on a per-video basis (This isn’t a free position, but neither is it full-time)

It is VERY important that you are reliable and hardworking; the best coder in the world is of no use if they don’t deliver. If you meet these criteria, then it’s exceptionally likely that I’ll be wanting you to create high-quality videos for quite some number of years!

Interested? Pop some examples of your work to JOBS@PROJECTORGAMES.NET I look forwards to hearing from you!

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