FortressCraft Week One Sales

The Xbox Live Marketplace didn't think much of FortressCraft before it was released. A lot of naysayers were set on decrying it, with such names as "Minecraft clone", but during the development and release of this game, many misconceptions were overturned.

Many said it was impossible to successfully cross-advertise an XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Game) between the internet and the Xbox Dashboard. Many said that because it is in the same genre as Indie game "Minecraft", it could not sell because the market is already saturated. Many developers said Indie games with a price of over 80MSP would never sell in high volumes. Many developers said that no multiplayer game on XBLIG would sell well.

Much to the surprise of the community, FortressCraft has done extremely well in the first week after its April 8th release. In the US, it was #3 on the Xbox Live Marketplace best-selling list, beating AAA titles such as "Call of Duty: Black Ops", "Homefront", and "Rockband 3". In the UK it got an even warmer reception where it was ranked #2, and in Canada it was an amazing #1 on the best selling list.

FortressCraft is now the fastest selling Xbox Live Indie Game of all time, with a substantial 16,000 copies sold on the first day. Over the first 5 days, it generated more revenue than the current biggest success on the Indie Games
channel, "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1", made in the last year.

FortressCraft has also set a new record in the conversion ratio of trials to actual purchases of the game on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel, which are usually below 10% for all games. Currently, Fortresscraft has a massive 70% conversion ratio.

All this is a significant accomplishment for the developer, ProjectorGames, as they realise the magnitude of their early success could mean bigger and better things for the game, and the XBLIG community as a whole, as FortressCraft attracts a whole new audience to the channel.

Perhaps the most striking statistic may be that during the launch weekend it sold more copies per day than the average daily sales of indie giant "MineCraft".

The creator DjArcas has been putting his time, resources, and heart into the project he loves, and will continue to do so for years to come with many future features planned. What is unique about the development approach of this game is the openness and interaction with the indie games community. There are frequent updates on YouTube, Twitter, and the developer forums by DjArcas with insights into the development process, and upcoming features; many feature requests from the community have already been implemented within the game.

FortressCraft is the first XBLIG to benefit from a huge amount of hype prior to release, and given the conversion ratio as well as the high number of sales, it is safe to say that ProjectorGames has lived up to the huge expectations for this game.