The Games

Many individual games make up ProjectorGames; some commercial, some not.

Check back soon for links and screenshots.

Commercial Games:
- 1942
Shoot 'em up, avoid the bullets!
- Falldown
Avoid the blades by falling through the gaps in the floor.
- Frograce
- Team Commando with Bots
Capture the flags with your team.
- Cracked on Hook
Team based piratey ship on ship action.
- BomberMatch
Place your bombs, avoid the bombs of others. Last man standing wins.

Non-commercial Games:
- Tanks
- Tower Defence
Build towers to defend yourself against the invading masses.
- SkyKids
Collect points, don't crash your plane!
- Zombie City
Escape a zombie infested south east England by making your way to the helicopter. Just pray you get there before the 'copter is full.
- Double Dragon
Team based capture the flag beat 'em up.
- Team Match Match
Choose a partner and match the tiles faster than anyone else.