BitStream released!

The reviews have started coming in thick and fast now!

" a quality title that expands on the original game, and is only 400MSP"
"Great Dotstream-like game with music that reacts to your movements"
"Holy pixels, BitStream is amazing! Anyone who enjoyed or heard of Dotstream should check out this Indie Game"

More as we get 'em!

Like how it sounds? Pick up your copy from Xbox Live now!

Forthcoming PG event!

Hide & Seek Weekender 31st July - 2nd August 2009
Southbank Centre

Head down to the Southbank Centre for the Hide&Seek Weekender, two and a half days of free social and pervasive games. Betray, argue and deduce with an evening of social games on Friday night. Film, follow, decipher, hide and hunt all day Saturday. And turn up on Sunday for a day of family-friendly games. We'll be filling the South Bank with argumentative bank robbers, Twittering spies, teleporting enemies, adventurous soft toys, player-generated music, and much more, so do come and play! Visit to read about all the different games.

‘… combines all my favourite things about games - play, interactivity, performance, cleverness, technology, participation’ – The Guardian

This should be pretty awesome - we've got 3 enormous, cloned screens, with 40-50 pads setup for use. Be there or be padless!

New game approaching completion!

Mr_Square and DjArcas are putting the final touches on their new PG/XBox Live game, BitStream:

Along with an exciting interactive music system from, this game will feature an 8 player Swarm mode on the Xbox, and the usual brand of over-the-top unlimited player action on the PG hardware.

A Great Easter Egg Hunt review

The lovely people over at http:// have reviewed 'Easter:

"a decent little physics-based puzzle platformer "
"the music is sensationally cheesy and catchy, fits the tone of the game perfectly."
"beautiful and fitting presentation"

A Great Easter Egg Hunt video review

"A really fun puzzle-platforming experience"
"The level design is rarely frustrating, and generally pretty good"

Overall a positive review!

Fancy telling us what you thought of A Great Easter Egg Hunt?

Pop your feedback here on the official forum :

A Great Easter Egg Hunt!

Our newest Xbox Live Community Game is up now! This egg-cellent adventure is sure to egg-cite the whole family!

Conquer more than 60 levels in this physics-based 2d puzzle platformer. Solve ever more devious puzzles and collect all the eggs to be crowned the Easter Bunny! This family friendly game will take you through fiery pits, and across rickety bridges as you climb the Easter Tower in pursuit of the most prestigious title that can be bestowed upon bunnies!

If you want to find out more check out the video, or download the demo from the Community Games store on your Xbox360!

<br/><a href="" target="_new" title="A Great Easter Egg Hunt">Video: A Great Easter Egg Hunt</a></br/>

You can also get the demo or purchase the full game and have it download to your Xbox360 from this link.

Yes, we are recruiting!

As ProjectorGames continues to develop games for Lan Parties and Xbox Live, the team behind it is growing constantly.

However, we find ourselves short on artists! Currently our focus is in 2d games, but we also have a few 3d games in the works.

Are you passionate about creating great looking games, and are willing to wow us with your skills?

Are you interested in turning your hobby into a money-earning enterprise?

Pop some info into the comments field, or email some awesome proof of how amazing you are to!

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